Build a single source of truth about your data

Help teams find, understand and access data through Business Glossary, Data Dictionary and Report Catalogues.


The leading platform for small Data Governance teams with big ambitions.


We start by helping to bring your information into the platform. We are then with you all through your journey with templates, accelerators and best practice advice when you need it. You get more then a platform; you get a partner on your data management journey and a team that is there to help you all along the way.


 A unified platform where you can catalogue, govern and manage your data assets.


Self service and live instructor led training to support your teams.


Consulting expertise to enable your teams and  provide extra capacity when you need it. 

Catalogue your data and systems

Infornite brings your business glossaries, data dictionaries and report catalogues together in a unified platform. Your teams can easily search for the information they need and navigate from simple business terms down to the underlying data.

Data Governance & Privacy

Infornite enables a best practice data governance capability. You begin by identifying your knowledge areas and then assign data owners and data stewards. The platform empowers these users with the training and tools they need setup and maintain effective data governance processes.

Reimagine the value of a trusted partner...

Traditional Data Governance Platforms are often expensive. They typically have a long implementation time and emphasize technical features over building real business capability.


Our approach is to onboard you in hours and work with you over the next few days to train your data stewards and upload your core artefacts. Our ethos is focused on enablement; we help you to uplift and scale your people. Our platform along with our templates and training are there to enable your teams and accelerate your data governance implementation.

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Create a common understanding of key business terms, metrics and reports across your business.


AUD $5,000


2 Steward Licenses

10 Viewer Licenses

1,000 Facets

2hrs Consultancy Support


Business Glossary

Report Catalogue

Systems Inventory



Help your teams to access the information they need whilst applying best practice data governance capabilities.


AUD $15,000


6 Steward Licenses

30 Viewer Licenses

40k Facets

5hrs Consultancy Support


All Essential features

Data Dictionary

Data Controls




Manage your data landscape from end to end and build processes to keep your data safe and secure.


AUD $25,000


15 Steward Licenses

75 Viewer Licenses

150k Facets

10hrs Consultancy Support


All Standard features

Data Flows & Data Lineage

Project & Privacy Assessments

Project & Privacy Assessments